Thursday, January 12, 2006

Learning KL routes

On Tuesday I joined Jamie at Bukit Aman for a morning run. I was quite skeptical that I would be able to complete the full distance of at least 20k that we had planned, since my left calf was still painful.

I arrived at the car park just before 6am. Jamie was already there. Many other runners were also getting ready for their run. Some were running the actual GE 30k route as preperation for the event.

The first 10k from Bukit Aman to the Petronas at Hartamas was very enjoyable. My calf didn't give me any problems at all, and the pace we were running at was very comfortable. I enjoyed having company to chat with, since most of my long runs recently had been done alone.

We had a good breather at the Petronas before starting the return journey. I had bought a bottle of 100plus and decided to carry it with me while running. It was the first time I was trying this and it was not as uncomfortable as I thought it might be.

Once we had crossed Jalan Duta, Jamie suggested we take the 'double hill' route back so we can prepare ourselves mentally for the 30k which would cover that route. This was only the second time I was running both the hartamas and double hill routes, and this time it did not seem as 'mean' as I thought it was on my first attempt.

My calf was a little tight towards the end but overall it was not that bad. We arrived back at the carpark in about 2h20m... I could really get used to this type of pace in my training, it was really enjoyable.

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