Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2006... goodbye 2005! I feel as if the year 2005 was the quickest year of my life. It just seemed to have flashed by like lightning. Significant happenings in the year 2005...

1. Getting through the first half of my Masters Degree course with decent grades
2. Getting an unexpected promotion at work
3. Started running... lost 15kgs... getting hooked onto running and finally registering for a marathon!

I don't have any big plans for the year 2006. Some small things to work at are...

1. Put in more effort in the office and become more organised... improve on my people skills so I can better manage my team
2. Spend more time with my wife and son. Plan a decent holiday with them, now that my son is old enough to appreciate outdoor activities
3. Try to allocate more time for service in church
4. Try to complete as much of my Masters Degree as possible
5. Complete my first marathon and then to run in a few selected 10k and 21k races

Many years ago I used to be a perfectionist and thus always having tried things and given up on them after failing to meet my set standards. Getting married and becoming a father, alongside with other failures and experiences in life has now changed the way I look at things. I now give my best in everything I do with moderation in my expectations. This has helped me appreciate and enjoy the things I do a lot more.