Thursday, August 03, 2006

More wining and dining

Yesterday was yet another happy day as Captain Lim celebrated his 50th birthday (Chinese calendar). It's these moments that really reaffirm my thoughts that running is so much more than just exercise or just achieving PRs and collecting medals. The most wonderful and important part about running is the true friends that we find in so many of our fellow runners.

Well our captain has been running for over 18 years now and is not planning on retiring anytime soon. This is the kind of spirit that I admire and hope to be able to follow in the years to come. His dedication in helping the team in anyway he can despite his busy schedule is always and eye opener for me and a reminder that I need to start giving back to the sport. So here's to many more wonderful years of running and friendship!

Lim with a few of his friends who would be climbing Mt. KK in a week from now

From the right... Chak, his wife, Ms. Chi and Peter

From the right... CB Leow (Our marathon hero who was placed 15th in the recent Penang run), Ajeep, Albert, Lim and me

This is the same trio which participated together in last year's Genting 24 hour walk

The yummy blueberry butter cake absolutely hit the spot after all the other scrumptious dishes

Sing song time for the birthday boy

"Wait a minute, before you eat any of this cake, do we have a deal that you will run the 42km in PJ International?"

The captain with his lovely family

A very happy Peter many glasses of wine later

Wait a minute, I thought we opened 6 bottles, what happened to the last one?

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