Monday, August 21, 2006

A little sightseeing

Work has been going pretty well since Tuesday. The first few days I was like a zombie and it seemed like my body's battery charge just skydived from around 3pm onwards. Just as I'm getting in synch, I will have to get on that plane back home.

I've not been in the mood to run since getting here. I have access to a health club about 1km away from the hotel I'm staying in but the thought of walking in this heat did not appeal to me, on top of feeling lazy.

I have seen some of the sights in Dallas, one of the more popular ones is the place where President JFK was assassinated. I drove down the same route he took up to the point where he was shot, and it was interesting to imagine how he was cruising in the back seat of his convertible with people cheering him along the way, not expecting what was going to happen next.

The above picture shows the book depository where the shooter was. If you look up to the 6th floor (take the ground floor as the first floor), you will see that the right most window pane is slightly different. That is where he took the shot from.

The food here has been pretty ok, but nothing to shout about. There are plenty of nice restaurants where one can go for a nice evening, and the costs are pretty reasonable at least when I look at it from a dollar to dollar (ringgit) perspective.

I was taken to the Antares Rotating Restaurant which is part of the Hyatt Regency. Here one can get a lovely view of the entire city of Dallas. If you had seen the famous series 'Dallas' in the 80's, perhaps what you thought Dallas to look like might not be too accurate. That part of Dallas still exists but is located towards the south.

A picture of the rotating restaurant taken at dusk

An amazing view of Dallas captured from inside the restaurant. The skyline is always as beautiful as you see in this picture.

I have also been shopping for some stuff. They have huge stores here where we get plenty of choice, nothing like what we have in KL. One of the stores I went to was called Sports Academy. The choice of running shoes here is just amazing. I am considering picking up a pair, perhaps an Asics or Mizuno as the price is lower than what I could get in KL. I will definitely pick up a pair of Thorlos Coolmax and also a few pairs of Nike Dri Fit socks.

I shall leave Dallas on Wednesday night and should get back into KL on Friday afternoon. Yup, another long trip. Will be glad to get home and get back into routine again. Missing my wife and kid quite a bit already.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dinesh,

what a holiday in us !\\
this lim fr pacm....

lee just fix my router..
i will spend more time on it..

see you during the next training.


Ketam Batu said...

Hi Dinesh,
I know exactly what u went through in Tom Bradley (LA) Airport. Doesn't it remind u of Subang in the 1980s ? Haha..that's first world for you. Enjoy your holiday !