Wednesday, August 02, 2006

KLCC 10 laps

Yesterday I was feeling unbelievably fresh and strong. I had initially planned to try and run an easy 8 laps at KLCC park. The weather was very cool and excellent for putting in some mileage. Ronnie was there and later on I even saw Azwar.

I just maintained an average pace of 7m40s for most of my laps. After my 8th lap, I still had a lot of energy left so I decided to go for another 2 before calling it a day. Total distance covered was 13k in 1h15m47s.

My elder sister arrived last night from Sydney and stopped by my house on the way back from the airport. It was really good to see her again after one year. We shall be taking a 3 day break and going to Camerons this Monday.

I just downloaded the few photos taken in Penang. The dinner picture below was taken at the restaurant in which Jana treated us to a wonderful pre race meal. She was indeed very hospitable and kind to us, especially to Lim and me who stayed at her place. Btw, she got number 9 in the woman's veteran category for the half marathon with a sub 2hour timing.

One of the best meals I've had in a very long time. The restaurant only has 10 tables and has been operating for over 10 years. With the limited tables they are able to maintain quality of their food. They even have a few awards on display. It's somewhere near the Bukit Gambir area.

Oon sitting at the far end was our reliable driver back to Klang. Here we sit at one of the better mamak stalls in Bekerly garden in Klang for a parting meal together after all the feasting in Penang.

Captain Lim on the right is the PACM Klang area group leader. Next to him is Peter Goh who is the ex Klang area group leader. Both are dedicated in helping the team in anyway they can. Peter clocked 4:30 in the 42.195km this time round.

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