Friday, August 04, 2006

Another 10 laps

Yesterday I managed to run another 13k or 10 laps at the KLCC park. I just love the weather in the last few days which has been quite cooling since it has been raining regularly. Jamie was at the park testing his new camera and took this picture for me. You can see from the lift of my legs what kind of pace I was doing.

I was reading 'The competitive runner's handbook' today while killing time before going to the US embassy and spend some time analyzing the chapter on training pace. Bob Glover divides training pace into three categories which are Brisk pace, Base pace and Easy pace.

In another section of the book, he classifies runners into their categories based on their race times i.e. novice, basic, intermediate and advanced competitors. I fall under the category of a basic competitor since my 10k race time is about 50 minutes. However my estimated half marathon and full marathon timings are still far from what I should be clocking, and it's due to lack of mileage and training.

Anyway coming back to the subject of pacing, from my 10k race timing, my Brisk pace should be around 5:30, my Base pace should be 6:00 and my easy pace around 6:30. Most of our training runs should be run at Base pace for maximum aerobic benefits and conditioning. Therefore my Base pace per lap at KLCC should be appx 7:45.

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