Thursday, May 10, 2007

Postponed marathon

In view of my injury with took 3 weeks to fully recover, I am not going to Penang this year. I will choose another marathon to participate in when I have the time to train again. I've kept fit these few week's by some shorter runs, weight training and swimming.

I will be running the New Balance 15k on May 20th but will take part to just have some fun. My next serious race will be the Subang Jaya 10k on July 1st, followed by the PJ Half marathon on August 12th. No targets set for either race for now.


CP Waterman said...

Good move brother, this is the secret of running lon.....g! haha
All the best.

PACM.KLANG said...

It's a temporary set back and you have to listen to yr body " language " to rest.

Dont worry, the hunger for Full Marathon will strikes back again.

Enough time to think for this 2 !

Scorcorn9 said...

Ho Ho Ho u will miss Penang Food.

aharis said...

Sorry about yr injuries. Set back and relax.

Aku ingat Zul sorang cedera.