Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Balance 15k '07

This time drove to race site alone instead of car pooling with other Klang kaki. Might just do that for other races as it makes it convenient to go back early and attend bible study in church. Wow the number of participants seemed like it had doubled since last year. Sure enough I found out later that 1500 runners had turned up!

As planned I started really slow and only slightly picked up the pace after 5k. I had a few fast workouts during the week and just wanted to complete the distance considering the terrain was already hilly. Even took some extended walking breathers at the water stations and one final one at tani hill before turning onto the palace road.

Overall it was an enjoyable run. Completed the race in 1h 34m, quite a few minutes slower than last year's 1h 28m. As suspected my leg muscles felt mildly sore on Monday as my longest run for the last 5 weeks was just 8k. On a positive note, there is no sign of the tendonitis returning!


Carboman said...

yup, sometimes it's really nice just to enjoy the run. the route too makes a nice place to run (if u discount the killer climbs). good to know the injury didnt recur.

Tey said...

Bro DK:

Take it easy,hope all of us in good condition one day..then enjoy the race again....!

JG said...

DK, for the old route in 2005, I'd been training only abt max 5K (30mins) on treadmill for abt 5mths b4 the race. Still felt strong after hitting 10K & kept pushing 4 that xtra 5K (that yr was only 14.8K). Also maybe curious on the route, finishing my 1st 15K & the joy of collecting a finisher's medal!!!!!