Saturday, April 21, 2007

Worse than expected

The injury is worse than expected. The anti inflammatories get the swelling down and pain subsides by morning but after walking around the whole day its back by night. This is going to take longer than expected to cure.

Meanwhile I shall not be running. Tomorrow's Power Run is off for me then. No point risking long term injury. I shall be taking Nick to the swimming complex today and hope to get a workout there myself.


CP Waterman said...

An oversight perhaps your tempo run (at early stage of your build up) should not immediately follows after a LR run. The LR and the tempo are THE 2 KEY ELEMENTS in your case here so spread them well apart.
Yes for now swimming & stationary bike seem to be the only options to continue to build on your cardio vascular condition.Your foot may take another 72 hours to heel so do go easy when you return to running.
Take care & get well soon.
God bless!

krunner said...

Take a rest for a while. I know two ex-runners who have ruptured their achilles tendon. They have stopped running permanently and can only walk now.