Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Soul searching and priorities

The most important thing to happen this June was my rediscovering of God's grace, love and patience towards me. In this past 5 years I seemed to have wandered far away from Him and yet in His unfailing love and grace He has not given up on me. Praise be to God forevermore!

Work has taken a slight setback after our company lost two major accounts. Things are still uncertain at this stage but there are a few decent sized projects which are looking quite positive. We shall know for certain how things are going to turn out only in a few months time. Worst case scenario - have to gulung tikar, but we are quite positive it wont amount to that, God willing.

While work in the office is slow, this means I have more time in my hands which is good. I've just started my dissertation research module which happens to be the last stage of my Masters. From what I can see so far, it's going to be tough as expected and will require some serious discipline on my end. My boss is supportive and allows me time to work on this since we don't have much to do anyhow.

Running?? Yes I've been doing a little running here and there. Average mileage for the past month maybe about 20k per week. Weight training sessions are still continuing with 2 to 3 sessions a week. Oh yes and my recent blood test results show me to be in tip top condition! Praise God for that too!

Now, the reduced running mileage and moderate exercise while keeping me fit has also surprisingly left me feeling so much less tired both mentally and physically. I just realise that constant training to be in race form with high mileage has been a real drain on me. This also resulted in me very often neglecting quality time with the family due to fatigue.

I think that I've found the right balance for me now and shall stick to it with priorities being put in my relationship with God and also my family. Next would be to give my best towards completing my studies. Running will always be my passion and there will be many more road races to look forward to including full marathons, but just not now.


Biby Cletus said...
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CP Waterman said...

Wohooh all praise be to God for He is the author and finisher of our faith and He who started it is faithful and will also accomplish it!Amen!
Many congrats now that you are back in real business and new balance. Yes, He alone is trust worthy and He will direct and smoothen your path.
Take care!


Dinesh said...

Thanks for your encouragement h20

Kenny said...

Bro ,

Yes you are right . Seek 1st His Kingdom and all other things will be added to you ! (Matt 6:33)

rgds ,
Kenny Tan