Monday, March 26, 2007

Special day

A short holiday to Genting to celebrate mummy's birthday was planned some time back. Nick has been looking forward to this trip for a long time as we had printed pictures of all the rides and attractions he could go on and he had already planned everything he was going to do there.

It turned out he really did enjoy himself there, but it was even more special to mummy and papa as we had just found out a day earlier that we are to be mummy and papa a second time round. Baby is due sometime in November, we shall be confirming the estimated due date with the doctor today.


Carboman said...

DK: Well, well. After performing a root cause analyses of your tiredness, I've found the answer to all your lethargy. Too much indoor pia-ing! Post mortem report: CONGRATULATIONS!

C-CUBE said...

no wonder u always say busy-lah, tire-lah, bla-bla-bla-lah, and thats the root cause...indoor pia kau kau lat. CONGRATS....and i think KNN is also expecting to be a daddy too in Nov.

Pm1 & Pm21 said...

DK, :) Congratulations.

CHLow said...


Congratulations! Anyway its about time for Nick to have someone to play with. Having a brother or sister to play/fight with is different with adults playing with them.

Better PR your marathon this year, next year will be even tougher to juggle your time for family, work and run. (ha! ha! just joking)

CP Waterman Yap said...

Behold children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is HIS reward- psalm 127:3
Praise God!
Take care now!!!

Dinesh said...

Haha Jamie and Cube.. don't know what you are talking about lah. Yes KNN called me today. Their baby's due date Nov 12th and our is Nov 10th.

Thanks everyone, don't know how to manage two but I'm sure we'll learn just as we learnt what to do with the first one.

So PM1 and Rac, it's time for you guys as well. PM1 family is just or more important that running and it's a joy to have kids, trust me!

chlow, I shall definitely try my best to PR in Penang coz as you say who knows whether I'll have the time next year haha.

Tey said...

Wah..Bro DK:

U follow Chen,Jamie...2 liao...congrate !!

PACM.KLANG said...


Congratulations !
Come oct , you will even more busy than ever.
Dont worry, you are a good planner all this while, able to shed off 15 kgs is a big achievement.
All the klang kakis saw it and better still how you maintain it.

PBIM - 5 hrs?
Choose the challenge with someone , and you will achieve it .

See you at tmn rakyat every wednesdays.

-captain lim