Monday, March 12, 2007

Long & hard route back

Work hard, relax and enjoy... that's what I've been doing in the past month. But the 'work hard' part of it was not in my running which has taken a backseat. My waistline can prove it or maybe even the weighing machine! Up 4kg from the last 2 months!!

I think I have run enough to keep my aerobic fitness at a basic level where I would not suffer too much in making a comeback, but it's the shedding of the extra pounds that's going to take a lot of effort now.

Initially I was contemplating on not turning up at the starting line of this Sunday's KL marathon. But after Peter called me and convinced me to sign up for the full marathon in Penang (all for the sake of an extra t-shirt and a touch-n-go card with RM10 credit), I decided it's time to get back into gear and see what's left in me.

There is this nagging doubt that I will have the committment and will power to see through the next 3 months of training for my second 42k feat, but we shall see soon enough. Anyway this Sunday will give me a true picture of where I am in my fitness level.

Oh yes... about my enjoying life, I've been in Johannesburg for the last 2 weeks and it was a blast. My company covered all expenses with no limits so it was a blast of a time! But of course I got a lot of work done there and it was a productive session.

That one golf session I had didn't do me any good as it's left me with a badly injured back with the pain shooting all the way to my ribcage. It just does not want to go away as I thought it would after awhile, which means I'll be running on painkillers this Sunday!


C-CUBE said...

DK, there is always ups and downs in running, so take it easy. I dun hv lots of time to train too, but i make sure i run at least 3 times during weekdays in the morning from between 6k-8k, and a longer run minimum 20k on a weekend. this recipe suit me well although it will not get me to the kind of performance or timing I want. but atleast i can maintain my fitness level. and its great you decided to run KLIM tis weekend, just slow slow and take it easy.

Kenny said...

I'm glad you are back . Funny thing , with so much running done , I have also put on 2kg !!

Ronli said...

Well said.