Monday, January 08, 2007

What's New?

I've not had much time for blogging recently and at the same time no mood lah. The long holiday seemed to have turned my clock upside down as I slept late and woke up late almost everyday. Getting back into the normal routine has been tough. So what's new??

This is what's new!

With GE30k just round the corner, I know that I've not been putting in enough mileage to be able to complete the distance comfortably. I've struggled to maintain my weekly mileage of 40k for the past few weeks. I guess it could partly be due to fatigue as I improve the quality of my workouts.

This method of low mileage (recommended by Chen) seems to work for me. With one hard speedwork session, one hard LSD and a couple of tempo runs per week I seem to be improving much faster compared to my high mileage training days. But I have yet to prove this to be effective for any distance beyond 21k.

An example of my fitness improvement...

Route: Klang Stadium > Shah Alam UITM > Klang Stadium
Measured Distance: 20.1k

Timing - 6 Aug 2006: 2hrs 4min 37secs (Still remember I pushed all out and almost want to collapse)
Timing - 31 Dec 2006: 1hr 54min 54sec (Felt like quite an easy effort)
Timing - 7 Jan 2007: 1hr 50min 12sec (Still felt like I had some gas left)


RunWitMe said...

Hey! You've got a new look. More aerodynamic? Can run faster? Heheh!

apekpg said...

nice hairdo. sure PR on your next race.

C-CUBE said...

you are learning fast from chen. maximising anything you can to shave every sec of the timing, now with crew cut and no specs ~ more aero-dynamic, this will take away couple of secs or even minutes in ur next race. you are getting serious MAN!!!!!

Tey said...


Wah...good man...sure u can run with comfort in GE 30K.

Good u can learn and share with Chen's tips.

Carboman said...

dont forget to add liberal doses of brandy and whiskey to ease your way into the Chen Method

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