Wednesday, January 24, 2007

True friends!

I've really not had the time to update my blog or even visit the Pacemaker's shoutbox anymore. Actually I've been still faithfully training as usual, leading up to GE30k last Sunday, and had some really high hopes in doing well in that race.

But due to my kiasuness and over confidence, it ended up a disaster with me completing in a much worse time than even last year when I had just started running. Anyway to cut the story short, the main cause was an overdose of Powerbar which caused me severe indigestion and stomach cramps from the 2km mark right up to the finish.

To make matters worse, my well rested legs were also not performing and for the first time in my running history I suffered from some bad cramps on both legs right from the 15km mark. Even in KLIM last year I only felt some slight muscle pulls. Anyway this is a good lesson learnt that I need to both respect the distance and stick to what is familiar during a race and not try something new!

The funny and touching thing is that my dear buddies the Pacemakers thought that I was wallowing and in sorrow over this bad performance and today I received a series of emails from them encouraging me. This really helped me remember a posting I wrote last year where I said to me running is actually more of the friendship I foster with my running buddies rather than race day performances.

Anyway guys, just so you know I am fine and totally cool about my disappointing performance. It's just work that has been keeping me busy and will continue to keep me busy, thus reducing the time I spend in the CBOX. A big thank you to all of you for your encouragement and kind words! Btw, I'm not done with der marathon yet lah! Still plenty waiting for me, just that I need to make sure I respect the distance as some of you put it, and participate only when I really can afford the time to train for it.

Yours in running forever!


Jamie wrote...


I admit that I was in 2 minds to email you but after thinking for 2 days (see I really think about you!) I thought that I can't be considered a friend if I don't do it. Also I'd have failed to live up to the adage of runners helping runners if I don't write you. Therefore here's this mail written in all frankness and I think I speak the same as your other running kakis. So please don't be upset and if I somehow come across as harsh, please pardon my writing.

I have to admit that you're not the only one disappointed with your results. I was curious as to the reason why you took 2 bars which I think led to the start of the problems. In any case what's done is done. Recognize the mistake but never dwell on it. Move on.

As corny it may sound, what didn't kill us will make us stronger and I think it's generally true. It's often how one reacts to setbacks that one becomes the wiser for it. I don't doubt that you can bounce back or run much faster and I'm sure you know that fact too. Your improvements over the Hartamas route is proof that you're already a better runner. Once you've built up the experience and patience, results will just improve (not everytime but definitely on the upward trend).

Old fashion wisdom always hold true for us (gifted ones like CB Leow and Chen don't count).

1. Never try new food/techniques/shoes in a race.
2. Respect and train the distance. Anything over 20K can do lots to the underprepared and performances under 20K can't be used to gauge the performances over 20K.
3. Patience. In terms of training and strategies.
4. Confidence. This quality is gained after ingesting the above 3 points,

Your decision to stay away from 30K and the marathon is not the answer. I'm one who believes that the more I fail at a distance, the more I want to succeed in it. Neither should you withdraw into a shell. You have friends who are very supportive of you and that's your source of inspiration to bouncing back. So come back running and of course to the Shoutbox when you can. Paula Radcliffe failed big time through a combination of sickness and the weight of expectations in Athens. But she bounced back in style by winning New York just 3 months after that. You can do that too.


raymond said...

Hey Dinesh,what happenned?
Im puzzled...btw i didnt do well too,i was fuming mad with my time as well but i always remind myself that 'failure is the recipe to success' and it's always proven true.We r in the same boat and there's nothing to be sad about
Take care

martin aka loneruner said...

I see you can only get better from that fiasco, I mean over dosed of powergel. Heheheh!



Kenny said...

DK ,"Never give up " I think you didn't give up coz I saw you heading towards Hartamas and I was on the other side . You looked like suffering . In the end you still completed the race instead of DNF , that is good .

Here's Paul's advise in Hebrews 11:40 "For God had far better things in mind for us that would also benefit them ,for they can't receive the prize at the end of the race until we finish the race " ( New Living translation ) . ..... therefore in life its very important how we finish the race of life,and in GE 30 you finished the race and got the prize which is the medal .


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your misfortunes at the GE30K.
But thank you for the training tips and prog you gave me, I followed them, adjusting here and there to fit my schedule, and I managed to finish and enjoy the 20K. My time was 2:27.42, position 52, nothing to shout about, but a personal achievement anyway coz that's the longest I've ever run in my life! I also ran the entire course. So I hope knowing that you've inspired newbies like us will make you feel better. Regards.

Tey said...

Work always come first...!!

See u soon in running action for training or race.

Dinesh said...

Raymond, nothing much actually.. just that being kiasu I took 2 powerbars which resulted in bad indigestion, stomach cramps and later leg cramps.

I told the PMs to count me out of the 42k for KLIM and possibly others this year if I dont get the chance to train properly for it, but they thought I was depressed and 'giving up' haha!

Martin, I think overdose of powergel wouldnt have been so bad as powerbar!

Kenny, thanks man! You have lifted me up!

Haza, well done! My hats off to you! Keep it up and see you at KLIM. I've confirmed participation for the 21k. Just registered.

Tey, yes this year is an important year for the company and me, so there will be less time for the really really long runs.

Dinesh said...

Raymond, actually what happened to you? I saw you running strongly when you overtook me.

galnexdor said...

hello DK, this is my inaugural intrusion into ure blog. came here from ccube's site.

thats some pretty sound advice from jamie...hehe...

i'm not one to advise coz i not one to heed advice, but with all due respect, i just wanna say that no matter what happens, i dun think u can ever quite running. ahah trust me, i tried. didnt work. :)

Anonymous said...

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PACM.KLANG said...

Hi DK,

Dont worry, when you have settle yr coming exam, everything will comes in fine.
Beside , work, family and then running should be the priorities.

This is the 2nd time , i open yr blg and saw you have so many supporters.
Today, you may be out for awhile, but you can come back fit , strong and faster...who knows.
It is just a matter of training ( how much ) when you r back.

See you at our regular training on every wed night., to keep the light burning,haha

Jason The Running Man said...

Great blog, found you off CRN!

Faithful Soles said...

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