Sunday, December 10, 2006

A thing of the past

How many of you have realised by now that the parking charges at the car park next to the KLCC mosque has been increased from the RM1 per entry (after 6pm) to a tier system where we now pay RM2 for the first one hour and followed by RM1 per subsequent hour?

The moment they increased these charges, the car park was more than half empty and some desperate people started parking at the road shoulders. There was one day when I was paying the new parking charges and I was laughing when I heard the car park booth attendant speaking to the management office and was being instructed to call the authorities to fine the cars parked at the roadside.

I was not at all surprised when this happenned, since the price or cost of almost everything is just going up every other day. However it made my decision of not running at KLCC regularly anymore much easier. Another reason why I was already contemplating this move was because of the terrible traffic congestion from Jln Tun Razak all the way to the turn off onto Kesas no matter what time I left. I can leave at 3pm...4pm...5pm...6pm...7pm...8pm...9pm...and sometimes even 10pm and it would make no difference.

Traffic jam on the KL-Seremban road at 9.30pm on Friday

The traffic on Friday night was the last straw for me. I shall be going back home as soon as I finish my work each day regardless of the time. It will be much easier to just put on my shoes when I get home, do a little running and then spend more time with the family. I shall miss my runs with some of you guys but thats the way it has to be for now.


Carboman said...

Sometimes I wonder if the authorities purposely delay the completion of the Tun Razak underpass so to frustrate and move the drivers to the toll options when they open.

The main reason for the bottle neck is the Cheras/Loke Yew turnoff. After which the traffic clears a bit until the airport. Then is crawls until the Kuchai Lama turnoff where the traffic from Cheras converges with the S'ban Hiway. Then it eases a bit after Desa Petaling. I know coz I face the damn jam everyday! Really TNS.

Anyway, serves the car park and illegal parkers right. Both parties are very inconsiderate.

krunner said...

Everything at and around KLCC costs well above average. The car park next to Wisma Central where I sometimes park used to cost RM 3 (1999) and 3 years ago it was RM 5. Now it is RM 8 (60% increase in 3 years).
When demand exceeds supply and there is no regulation, the bussine$$es will charge as high as possible.

Too bad we won't see u much at KLCC.

Carboman said...

it's nice to note that malls such as midvalley (rm1 for weekdays, rm3 for weekends and ph) and 1U are still very reasonable!