Monday, May 25, 2009

Crazy 2 weeks

The last 2 weeks has been crazy. I've been spending most of my time helping my mum shift her things to the new place, installing the water heater, home alarm system, curtains, painting, some plumbing works etc. The only thing I didn't DIY was the air conditioning.

I managed to squeeze in a couple of hard rides, one a week. The first was a 30km ride around Botanic gardens with Peter which was completed in about 1 hour. Yesterday was an even harder ride at Genting Sempah with Boon. It was a killer 16km ride uphill with some really serious elevation all the way! Now thats what I call a real good workout.

I've hardly been running.. just down to one or two short runs a week. This is not good as the SCKL marathon is just round the corner. Thankfully I will only be running the 21k. Even that is going to be a struggle this time round.

On a seperate note, I've been looking at opportunities to setup my own business. I've registered the company and now working on selecting the best supplier network by speaking to both companies locally as well as in China. It's just going to be a small scale business to begin with focusing on home and office security systems. Let's see where this takes me.


C-CUBE said...

great to see u making a comeback be it cycling or running. I always sensed that a cyclist will make a good n strong runner eventually. and btw, all der best in your new business venture. wat is the cost like for the security system.

Dinesh said...

C3 thanks! I'm struggling to make a come back, but all in good time.

The cost varies... I can give good price to PM and friends from RM850 onwards for basic home alarm system and RM580 onwards for a decent 4 channel CCTV recordable system that can be used for domestic use i.e. maid monitoring etc.

There are of course a variety of systems that can meet different users needs, so if anyone is interested can contact me and I can consult with them on their requirements and make recommendation.

Tan Kien Boon said...

u are riding good man!!