Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back in training

After an 8 month lapse in training due to an ITB injury I'm glad to get back into some light training. It was also good to meet up with my running buddies Peter, Albert, Lim and Lee after such a long lapse from running with them.

I may not be taking part in that many events this year. Next run will be the Pacemaker's Wild Wild Run in March, and then perhaps followed by the Bidor half and then the Standard Chartered KL Marathon if time permits.

Work and my studies are keeping me busy. I've learnt to enjoy as much time with the family as I can while putting aside all other things, this is what has kept me going. Kids are really growing fast and its amazing the things they can get up too.


seah said...

welcome back for run.


Anonymous said...

Hi there =]

My name is Alina from Weber Shandwick and we're the PR agency for Octagon who is organizing the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009.

Came across your website, so just wanted to share with you a press release announcing the marathon. Unfortunately, couldn't find your email address anywhere on your blog.

Do hope you drop me a line and share with me your email address?

We would love to have your support for this race and to continuously update you with the latest news and announcements pertaining to the marathon so you can feature it on your blog.

Thank you and regards
017 323 3078 / 03 7843 3125

jue said...

welcome back to the running world. after a long lapse, you have also inprove your run with a new style at the WILD2 RUN 2009 - the dancing runner .. .. LOL . . .. .

great to hear that u spending lots of time with family. don't underestimate the kids. recently i took up an assignment to transcribe some interview with kids, and . . . . KIDS DO SAY THE DARNDEST THING!

Beware parents . . .kids do reveal things abt how & what they think abt their parents and yet act so normal back home. . .

Jason Baker said...

Greets from the US. I read your blog post on Extensor Tendinitis. I'm suffering from a case of the same thing at the moment. My running partner, Julie, is struggling with IT band and planar fasciitis. I ran my first marathon last October and plan to run two more this year. Good luck to you. Keep running.