Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mumbai blast kills 147

What is it with these people who plan and carry out such vicious attacks on the innocent? I guess most of us will never understand what goes through the minds of these terrorists. The world is no longer a safe place to be in. Riding the LRT or Commuter train in KL doesn't feel safe after you see these kinds of headlines.

Well as for me, I still have to fly into this 'war zone' just as it's at the height of all possible chaos. My wife is really upset and so are my parents. For all I know, I could be held up longer than expected as there could be delays and hiccups in the project due to the aftermath of this incident. I might even think twice about doing any running there as I had initially planned on. Read about it

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CHLow said...


I am surprised you are still going ahead with your trip to Mumbai with so much uncertainties over there. Do take extra precaution to avoid any unnecessary risk.