Thursday, June 08, 2006

Record laps at Tmn Rakyat

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having Ajeep and Albert's company for my run. Since they were running at a very easy and comfortable pace, I decided to follow suit and use the pace to get in some decent mid-week mileage.

The two of them had a one lap head start. At the end of my 5th lap, Ajeep decided to stop as he felt some pain on his right knee, so it was down to just Albert and me. Albert continued and stopped after his 10th lap (my 9th). I continued on for another 2 laps and had Peter join me.

Total laps covered was a record 11 laps (12.6km). I really enjoyed the run and was feeling good and not tired at all even till the end. Running with company really makes a big difference. I had to pick up my son after the run so I didn't stay back for our usual chit chat and makan at the Andalas Corner.

It looks like I am trying desperately to get in some mileage before the PJ Half. Even though I sustained up to 12k without feeling tired, that was at a really easy pace. I would like to run a sub 2 hour race at the PJ Half and I'm not sure if I can sustain the required pace for the distance. Besides yesterdays run, I had run 9k on Sunday and 8k on Monday.


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