Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nicholas First Bowling Session

Nicholas exams ended on Friday and we promised to take him for some bowling over the weekend. He was quite excited after having learnt the game playing Wii. First destination was Sunway Pyramid but as it turned out the whole bowling centre was booked for some tournament or by some company so we detoured to Summit USJ.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that they had his shoe size. The smallest bowling ball was number 7 which is specially reserved for kids and kept at the counter, however it was still a tad bit too heavy for Nick. He did have some fun but got tired pretty fast. Perhaps we'll be back again once he's a little bigger. Next stop on the list... ice skating! Get ready for some really wet and cold bums!

Family Time

Planning His Strategy!

Star Wars Style! Following master Yoda's instructions to use the Force!

Nick's Biggest Fan!

Coach Mummy giving some pointers.

What was that? Another gutter ball!

Let's do it with some style!

Rocker or bowler?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Learning to use a Speedlite Flash

I picked up the Nissin Di866 Speedlite Flash a few days ago. I really enjoy playing with it especially taking pictures of my kids. The light does seem a little harsh at times so perhaps the diffuser I ordered will help once it arrives. Here are a couple of shots taken today of Isabelle.

 Little girl lost in thought

 Little girl busy on the phone

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thomas Cup 2010 Finals

I was looking forward to watching some live badminton at the stadium after 10 years. So happened I just picked up the Nikon D90 and wanted to put it to the test with my Sigma 18-200mm lens. It was my first time shooting a sporting event. The complete album can be viewed here.

I had some initial trouble taking shots of the players in action as the shutter speed was too slow at ISO 1600, especially at the distance we were sitting I was forced to use the max focal length of 200mm. After ramping up the ISO to 3200 and increasing the shutter speed to 300, I was quite surprised with the results. The pictures were still reasonably clear and usable at ISO 3200.

Unfortunately I couldn't capture any good shots of the award presentation ceremony as the stage was on the other end of the hall and out of reach for the 200mm lens. My hats off to China for once again winning the cup. My only disappointment is how novice like the other teams in the tournament look in comparison. Betulkah Malaysia BOLEH? If yes then lets do something to get ourselves out of this rut! My support is with you guys!